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Competition Series

One of the most exciting periods in motor racing history was the 1960's and now the Hawk Collection has been extended to include the 289 Competition series - classic cars created to re-capture the feel and excitement of those days.

These variants of the standard Hawk 289 feature changes that reflect their competition heritage whilst still providing all the accuracy, reliability, quality and usability of the normal cars. Owners and builders of these kits will appreciate the additional features when used on the road, as they carry that extra presence when compared to the base model cars.

The models forming this selection from the Hawk 289 Series are as follows:


Hawk 289 FIA Model

This version utilises the original flared arches as used in FIA competition in the sixties and seventies.

Le Mans

Hawk 289 Le Mans

This 289 has a two-piece, fastback style hardtop as used in the Le Mans 24-hour races.


Hawk 289 Limited Edition 39PH

This is a replica of a particularly famous car, registration mark '39PH', only provided as a limited edition from Hawk Cars.
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