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427 and 289 Parts

Hawk Cars offer a large range of components for use on 427 and 289 type cars, including the following parts:

  • Fibre Glass brake ducts, hood scoops, hinge covers, etc
  • Trimmed seats, standard or competition style
  • Wheels - peg drive alloys or wire wheel types
  • Lighting, relays, gauges, switches and other electronical components
  • Quick lift brackets, passenger grab handles, demister vents, bonnet handles, escutcheons
  • Glasswork, frames, wind wings, mirrors, sun visors
  • Gear levers, boot stays, boot handles, steering wheels, handbrake levers

Many other parts are available to suit these cars; this is only a small selection of what we stock and what we are able to source according to demand.

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