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MGB Suspension Upgrade

Hawk Cars have developed and engineered a suspension upgrade kit for both front and rear of MGB's and for kit cars that use the suspension from an MGB donor. You can choose to purchase and fit the front or rear units separately if you wish.

This new suspension brings modern levels of handling and wheel control, allowing a humble MGB to handle like a sports car of much more recent design. You would be amazed at the difference that makes.
These new components are designed to be a bolt-on replacement to your car. The front suspension does however require small modifications to the front cross-member assembly, which we will modify for you on an exchange basis.
If you own, or are building, a kit car that utilises MGB donor suspension, then this suspension upgrade is highly recommended - especially if you are installing a powerful engine such that performance levels from your kit will greatly surpass that of any earlier cars.


  • No mods to bodywork - simple bolt on replacement
  • Highest quality professional engineering
  • Fully powder coated components
  • Adjustable ride height and damping rates from race-proven coil-over units
  • Retains standard track and wheel fitment (wire & bolt-on)
This suspension upgrade is jointly sold and marketed by Hawk Cars and Hoyle Engineering. Trade enquiries welcome. Hoyle Engineering
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